Customer Roles



Customer Roles in Infigo can be used as a means of categorising customers.

Every single person accessing the site is assigned a Customer Role of some sort. Some are assigned automatically, for example, someone hitting the site for the first time or without logging in will be assigned the Guest Customer Role and once Registered on the site will be assigned the Registered Customer Role and then some Customer Roles can be manually assigned to users for example those wanting access to the admin area of Infigo can be assigned the Storefront Administrator role.

Customer Roles can then be assigned access to various parts of the system. 

For example, you can create a Job Controller role and provide them access to admin but ONLY the Shared Print Operations page so they can manage the jobs and download the artwork.

If you want to create your own customer roles then you can do so here


Default Customer Roles

The following roles are what we refer to as System Customer Roles and are created and available as standard. Each have their own specific purpose and is highlighted below:



Administrates Albums and Album content for the storefront


When Approval Workflow is enabled, A user with an approver role can then be assigned products or users' jobs to approve once they have been ordered


This is the default role that is automatically assigned to a user hitting the site and navigating around without yet registering.

Platform Administrator

The most powerful of our administrator roles, this user role has access to ALL storefronts when their account is also created on the platform. They have the ability to view the platform level and also jump between all the storefronts on your platform. Use with care.


Assigned to Registered Customers. These do not get any additional access of privileges necessarily but allow you to run reports or search for those customers with accounts.

Storefront Administrator

Every storefront can have many Admins that only can administrate that specific storefront





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