Managing Shared Image Albums

Catfish allows the creation of Image Albums by administrators that can be shared.

This helps to remove imagery from the PDF files from the Acrobat plugin, and means that the system will run quicker. It also means that a library can be maintained outside of the product globally and made available to only some users / products.

To set this up, log into the storefront as an administrator.

Click your email address in the top right corner to access My Account.

Locate Album Management from the menu on the left of the screen. (To enable the Album Management if it's not visible in My Account, login with your storefront admin account, then Configuration -> Settings -> Customer Settings -> Locate hide 'Albums' tab and un-tick it)


As an Administrator, you can

  • Create new albums (using the New Album button) 
  • Add files to albums (using the Add files button)
  • Delete albums and files using the tick boxes on images, and the controls at the foot of the screen
  • Sharing Options (different way to share albums - as above)

If you share an album you will see a screen providing options relating to the way its shared.

  • All products and users
  • Specific Products
  • Specific customer roles


Once shared an album becomes read only to all users except for the administrator of the album.

To ensure these albums appear within the editor, the product MUST have the "Show Image Library" property set to True within the PDF file.

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