Downloading, Installing and Enabling Invent


Excited to get going and starting using our Infigo Invent plugin? Well, you're in the right place.

This article will walk you through the simple steps to get up and running so you can revolutionise the way you build your MegaEdit products.



Downloading Invent

In order to start using the Infigo Invent InDesign plugin you need to download two components (well, 3 if you include Adobe InDesign itself 😊):

The first is the Invent plugin and you can get your hands on this by filling out the form below. Then simply download it and store it somewhere safe.




The second is using one of two of our available Adobe Creative Cloud Extension Manager applications. The first is from Anastasiy, which you can download from here - - selecting either Windows or Mac depending on your operating system. Once downloaded, simply run the installer and follow the helpful wizard.

The second is from AEScripts and can be downloaded from here -


Installing Invent

Start by opening the Anastasiy's Extension Manager you downloaded and installed in the previous step.

Then from the left hand side select 'InDesign' from the list of Adobe Products (If you cannot see InDesign listed it is probably because you do not have InDesign installed on that machine)

Then select 'Install' from the menu at the top and locate your downloaded Invent plugin file. Select the plugin and then click OK. The Extension Manager will now install the plugin so that it can be used in your InDesign application.

You should receive a confirmation popup that everything was installed correctly.




NOTE: If you do encounter any issues during installation, first try uninstalling everything and starting again,.


If you encounter problems using Anastasiy's extension manager then you can download and install the AEScripts version.

Once installed and open, simply select 'Open' from the file menu and then navigate to your downloaded Invent plugin file in your directory explorer and click install.

If that doesn't work then take a look at our Manual Installation Guide otherwise raise a ticket with our Support Team.


Enabling Invent

Once installed you’ll need to open Adobe InDesign, if you’ve installed Invent whilst InDesign is open please close it and then reopen it again - Infigo Invent will not show in the list until you do so. To enable Invent you need to, in InDesign, select ‘Window' > 'Extensions' > 'Infigo Invent' from the InDesign menu. Once you have it open, if you’d prefer you can also dock the plugin with all the other InDesign panels.


Now you have all the tools you need to start Inventing!


But before you go creating all these beautiful MegaEdit products, have a read of our Infigo Invent articles that will help you get to grips with all things Invent.


Checkout our Invent Release Notes article to checkout what has been released recently, the latest version number of the Invent plugin and what is coming in the near future.


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