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In its most basic form, the Invent plugin will allow you to take an InDesign file and make it variable in a way that MegaEdit understands. This article will walk you through the some of the basic editing functionality of the plugin such as making an InDesign Image or Text Frame variable so that when you import it into your Infigo storefront it is ready to be personalised and ordered.


Editing Text Frames

So, you have your lovely designed InDesign file and you have a series of Text Frames on there that you want to 'convert' to MegaEdit fields so the text within them can be personalised when ordering.

Simply click on the Text Frame in InDesign so that it is selected and then navigate to the 'Properties' tab in the Invent plugin. When the check the 'Enable' setting Invent will automatically treat this as variable text field and you will be presented with a series of options and settings you can apply to it to control behaviour and appearance.


Many of the options made available to you here you will be familiar with from creating Text Fields in MegaEdit, and in many of the instances they will all relate back to those MegaEdit settings directly (setting the Fit to box option in Invent, will essentially then set the MegaEdit Fit to box text option for that text field) and most of the options here should be fairly self explanatory so we will not go into the detail of each of them here.


You will see throughout the Text Frame properties options the ability to link specific settings to Variables and Resources, to learn more about each of these check out our Articles on What are Invent Resources and Resource Sets? and What are Invent Variables?


Editing Image Frames

The process for making Image Frames variable is exactly the same as it is above for Text Frames. Simply select your InDesign Image Frame, navigate to the Properties tab in the Invent plugin panel and select 'Enable'.

You'll notice this time the list of options are different but again should be familiar to those options available to you when creating Image Fields in MegaEdit.


Having enabled your Image and Text Frames using the Invent plugin you have now essentially done all you need to to create a personalisable MegaEdit product.


NOTE: Only rectangle frames are currently supported.


Simply follow our articles on Exporting and Importing Invent Packages to start using it OR continue your journey and check out how you can start to use Resources and other features to enrich your MegaEdit product editing experience. >>>

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