The SSL Renewal Process

The process of an SSL Renewal is very similar to a regular SSL, however, the process does have some differences. If you are looking to install an SSL for the first time, you can click here

SSL Renewals also incur a charge as it takes time for our developers to complete the installation. The pricing can be seen below:

Renewal of SSL Certificate (5+ working days) £75+VAT



Renewal of SSL Cert (-5 working days) £150+VAT $200 €180
Renewal of SSL Cert (-2 working days) £375+VAT $500 €450


Note: The renewed certificate should be provided to us a month before its expiration date. Infigo releases SSLs as part of our biweekly deployments. This will ensure your site is secure before the SSL expires. If you need to expedite this process then we can do so, but there is an additional 'rush charge'. 


The Process

1. You will need to open a Support Ticket. Here is what the Infigo Support Team needs when you open a ticket:

  • The renewed SSL in a .zip file.
  • The storefront URLs that this certificate will be applied towards. (Note: If it is a wildcard SSL, you can just provide the primary domain it covers).

2. Support will then raise the renewed SSL certificate to the development team.

3. Infigo Support will then install the SSL certificate on the server on their next scheduled deployment.

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