Easypost - Overview


What is Easypost?

Easypost is our answer to providing our customers with access to a large range of delivery providers all under one roof. 

It works as an intermediary integrator with a single common integration approach. We integrate with Easypost once, they then handle all ongoing communication with the specific carriers, so we don't have to build a plugin for each provider individually.

Easypost offer a number of services but the ones that we utilise are their Rates API that allows us to return shipping costs during the checkout process and their Shipments API which will create a shipment with the respective carrier and return a shipping label.


Our Easypost Plugin

The Easypost plugin is an additional paid module which will need to enabled on your platform once you have subscribed. To find our more information and prices please either contact Sales or raise a ticket with our Support Team.

As mentioned above the plugin service two main purposes - fetching rates to pass on and charge to the customer and creating shipments and corresponding shipping labels.



Using Easypost to fetch your shipping rates is, as mentioned above, one of the key features of our integration with Easypost. To read more on how to set this up and how it works read our Easypost Rates article here.

You can of course not use Easypost to generate your shipping rates - maybe you dont charge them to the customer or you offer a flat rate for all shipments - and instead use Infigo Delivery Methods. To find out how to map Infigo Delivery Methods to Easypost Shipping Methods read our article here.


Shipping labels

Generating Shipping Labels and creating a shipment within your specific carrier accounts is the biggest selling point of our Easypost Integration. There are many different ways a shipment can be triggered and a shipping label can be returned so have a read of our Shipping Labels article to find out more.


Our plugin also returns tracking numbers automatically, which allows for quicker and easier package handling. More information on our tracking information can be found here. 


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