How do I get tracking information back from Easypost?


Easypost offer their own tracking information for every parcel that is sent through the system. By default when a shipment is created from Infigo using our Easypost plugin we will save the tracking information that is returned with the shipping label.


What does this tracking information look like?

Easypost return a link that when viewed is an webpage that contains lots of information about the order


Including the expected Delivery Date, the service that is used and its carrier specific tracking code and the stage at which the parcel is at that point in time. This tracking page will update as the parcel continues along its journey so it will provide your customers with almost real time updates.


Where can the tracking information be used?

Once the shipment has been created and the tracking information has automatically be stored against the order there are many places that this is then visible in the system.

  1. Shared Print Operations - When viewing the jobs in that order in SPO you will see a shipping information section that contains a Tracking Number field. This will be populated with the Easypost tracking URL.
  2. Sales Order - Similar to Shared Print Operations we will display the tracking information against the order here too.
  3. My Account - Each customer has a series of pages available to them under My Account. One of them is My Orders which as you know is essentially a history of all the orders they have placed. When they drill down into each order we display the Tracking information and the links to the tracking pages (above) here for them to access at any point.
  4. Shipping confirmation emails - If you have them enabled, when an order is set as shipped in Infigo we will trigger the Order Shipped Notification email. In here we have a specific message token that you can use to populate the tracking information returned from Easypost in the email.

Message Token = %Order.TrackingInformation%

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