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This article is going to explain how to use the Copy Content Script in MegaEdit. This script is extremely useful if you have multiple image fields and/or text fields that need to be automatically populated across your canvas. The article will show how both function, both image and text fields will have the same configuration. 


After you have read this article, you will also be able to use the Auto Fill Script with this to streamline image population. 


Administration Setup

1. Navigate to Catalog > Product Types > MegaEdit > MegaEdit Products

2. Press Edit on your product

3. Navigate to the Scripts tab, check Copy Content and save. If Copy Content is not available, please raise a support ticket. 



MegaEdit Setup

1. Add an image or text field to your canvas. In this example I have two images and two text fields. 


2. Double click the field, navigate to the Details panel, and scroll down to the General section.

3. Give the field a name, this name will be the same for all the fields where the image or text will be copied. In the Tags, type in source. This tag will only be used for the master field. 


4. Name the other fields exactly as above, remember to not include source for subsequent fields. 


5. The naming convention works EXACTLY the same for Image and Text Fields. 

6. Once these changes are made, please refresh your browser. 

7. Drag an image to the field. It will now populate all image fields that have the same name. Type in a text field, the text will also copy over. 


Congratulations! You now have this script functioning!!



We have also added some new functionality where its now possible to wipe the formatting of the source image/text (size, rotation or Text style weight, size etc) using a tag for the target fields.

You simply add contentOnly as a tag to your target/child fields and the text or image will adhere to that fields formatting settings.


Please view this article on how to use this with the Auto Fill Script to streamline your image population!!


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