How to Create a Clipart Category? - MegaEdit

Catfish allows you to create a Clipart Category that can be used in your Dynamic Product within MegaEdit. This will then allow you to access the Clipart selection tab in your product.  See image below. 

This article shows you how to create a clipart category in Catfish to access this feature in MegaEdit.


Catfish Steps - Creating the Category

1. Navigate to Dynamic Products:

Catfish > Infigo Variable Data > Dynamic Products

2. Click General Data.

3. Here is the Edit General Categories section. By default you are in the Clipart Categories tab. Press Add new record.

4. Now name your category and press Insert. You can also add a description and make the category visible only to admins by checking the box Show only for admins. 



5. Once your record is created press Configure.


6. Here you can upload image files, only JPG, PNG and PDF are supported.


7. Once your image files are uploaded, then you have to enable the clipart category within your product. 


Catfish Steps - Enabling the Category in Your Product

 1. Navigate to your dynamic product, you can press Products in the top right of the page. 

2. Press Edit on your product.

3. Navigate to Clipart Categories.

4. Check the Clipart Category you created and press Save Changes.



5. Now you can add clip art to your Dynamic Product!!


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