How to add a new Customer Role?

To add a new customer role, 

1. On the catfish administration, navigate to Customers->Customer Roles.

The Customer Roles page is displayed.

2. Click on Add new.

The Add customer role page is displayed.

3. Enter the following details:

Option Description
Customer Role Info
  • Name* - Enter the name for the customer role.
  • System name* - Enter a system name for the customer role. 
  • Free delivery - Select this option if you want to enable free delivery option for this customer role.
  • Tax exempt - Select this option if the tax is exempted on this customer role.
  • Active - Select this option if you want this customer role to be in active state.
  • Is system role - Set to false by default.

4. Click Save.

The new customer role will be added. 

NB: Options with * mark must be filled in.

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