How to edit the layouts?

MegaEdit editor helps you add or modify the page layouts as per your needs. You can modify the layouts for and make it multiple images per page or single image per page.

To add or modify page layouts,

1. Open the MegaEdit editor as described in section Working with MegaEdit.
    The Editor homepage is displayed.

2. Select the page for which you want to edit the layout. The Page list option displays the pages.
3. Click on the  option.
    The Add/Edit layout option is displayed.

4. From the drop-down menu, select the number of images to be included in the page (s).
5. Click on +Add/Edit layout
    The select area page is displayed.

6. Select the area of the layout to be modified.
7. Click OK.
    The layout will be modified as per your selection.
8. Select the layout and drag it on to the page that you want to modify.

The page will be modified as per the layout added. For example:


The changes are auto saved in the editor.

Now you can add images on to the layout.

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