What's New in Infigo : Invent for InDesign 2.4.1

Welcome to a very special issue of our What's New article. We're pleased to inform you that a new, major release of our popular plugin, Infigo Invent for InDesign, is now available for you to download and install.

This release is packed with brand new features, aimed at making Invent smarter and easier to use than ever before.

So what are you waiting for? Read on to learn all about the new capabilities right at your fingertips.



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What is Infigo Invent for InDesign?

Exporting templates with spreads using Invent

Batch mode in Invent

Placeholder support for variables

Updates to horizontal and vertical spread behaviour


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What is Infigo Invent for InDesign?

Firstly, for those not in the know, a little introduction to Infigo Invent:

Want more information on setting up and using Infigo Invent? We have a whole series of tutorials on the Infigo Academy Portal. If you don't have an account, you can request one here.


Exporting templates with spreads using Invent

Various configurations of page spread are now available for export from Invent, covering a range of scenarios including covers, differently sized pages and editable inside cover pages.

The guide below walks you through the process of configuring and export these templates. The associated page on the Infigo Academy portal will give you access to downloadable sample resources, showing you the different scenarios in which these page configurations can be used.


Don't have an Infigo Academy Portal account? Request one here!



Batch mode in Invent

The ability to upload data in bulk via CSV or Excel documents has long been available within MegaEdit.

This functionality is used, for example, to easily populate multiple different business cards, without having to manually type in the data for each staff member.

This functionality has now been incorporated into Invent, allowing you to set up this capability prior to bringing your templates into MegaEdit.

Take a look at the tutorial video below to see how to configure this on your Invent templates.



Placeholder support for variables

Custom placeholders created on variables will now be displayed in the input field and on the MegaEdit canvas in Infigo, but it will be greyed out.

If a user replaces the custom placeholder with another value, this new value will be shown on the MegaEdit Canvas instead.

Placeholder values will not be displayed on the product output.





Updates to horizontal and vertical spread behaviour

We have made improvements to Invent's handling of horizontal and vertical spread behaviour for images and text fields within a group, ensuring the movement of page elements behaves in a much more user friendly way.

Spread Vertically ensures grouped items shift upwards when hidden, and Spread Horizontally modes ensures the grouped items shift left. Groups with Spread Vertically AND Spread Horizontally enabled will shift in a zig-zag pattern from left to right, when other elements of the group are hidden.




Infigo Invent for InDesign | Version: 2.4

Released: October 2023

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