What's New in Infigo : October 2023

Today we look back at last months Infigo deployments, along with what they mean for you.

October saw the introduction of our new Address Books functionality, giving you greater control over large numbers of addresses. In addition, we've further enhanced our printIQ and Magento integration plugins.

Read on to learn more about last month's exciting news.



Address Books

printIQ integration enhancements

Magento integration enhancements

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Best of the rest

Bug fixes and general improvements


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Address Books

Address Books is a comprehensive feature designed to efficiently manage a large number of addresses on your Storefronts. This feature allows administrators to create and assign Address Books to Customers, Customer Roles, and Departments. Addresses in these Address Books can be used during the checkout process. It offers enhanced control and flexibility over address management.

Check out the short introductory video below to understand this new functionality. There are additional tutorials here if you would like further details.


printIQ integration enhancements

October's deployments included several small feature enhancements related to the printIQ plugin. Take a look below for all the details.


Partial shipment tracking

We have introduced a new feature to track partial shipments (as well as completed shipments) of orders registered in printIQ. When applicable, this new property is visible in various areas within the Infigo system, including sales orders, account orders, and SPO.




This streamlines the handling of partial shipments and ensures accurate shipment status updates for jobs within Infigo.

This functionality is handled in much the same way as with the notification of complete shipping, with information being transferred via the same webhook.


printIQ pricing updates within the Infigo basket

This feature enhances the PrintIQ integration by allowing users to amend product quantity and attributes from within the basket screen. Previously, when using printIQ, the system had limitations on modifying quantity and attributes to within the Product landing page only.

This update introduces the ability to perform these tasks within the basket screen, enabling users to adjust these parameters in real-time and obtain updated prices directly within the shopping basket.

In practical terms, this development streamlines the quoting and order customization process, offering customers greater flexibility and responsiveness when adjusting product specifications and quantities, resulting in a more efficient and user-friendly experience.


If you're already using printIQ pricing on your Product pages, then there won't be much extra work for you to do here to set this up. There's just a couple of extra settings you might need to activate, if you haven't already:

Admin → Basket settings → Basket Editable Product Attribute Options | Adjust this to enable attribute changing within the basket.

Admin → Quote settings → Allow changing quantity in the basket when a quote is linked

Admin → Quote settings → Allow changing attributes in the basket when a quote is linked


Magento integration enhancements

Magento 2.4.6 compatibility

We are pleased to introduce a new update for our Magento extension, specifically designed to extend compatibility to the latest version of Magento, 2.4.6. Notably, we have expanded our support beyond the previous version (2.3) which has reached the end of official support.

To ensure a smooth transition, we've introduced a configuration option that allows users to switch between different versions. This flexibility accommodates those who still rely on 2.3 while embracing the advancements of 2.4.6.

As part of this transition, we have ceased active support for version 1.x of the plugin, allowing us to focus our efforts on the enhanced version 2.

To ensure a seamless experience, we have rigorously tested our plugin functionality on both Magento 2.3 and 2.4.6. Your feedback and insights are invaluable as we continue to improve our product.


Additional improvements

  • We've improved the Magento integration with iframe resizing capabilities.
  • We've successfully resolved an Infigo product upload issue in the admin panel, allowing error-free uploads of Infigo templates via Magento.


Feature of the month | Infigo Insights

Infigo Insights is our comprehensive reporting module designed to cater to the reporting needs of your business.

This module offers a scalable, flexible, and future-ready reporting platform. It operates through an independent reporting database that is separate from your live transactional database, ensuring optimal performance and minimal disruption to live storefront operations.

Infigo Insights is available in four different plans, ranging from the entry-level "Insights Standard" to the advanced "Insights Enterprise," each offering varying levels of access, customization, and reporting capabilities.


Take a look at our short introduction to Infigo Insights below. We also have a comprehensive help centre document to help you get up to speed.



Infigo Academy webinar | Infigo Insights

In October, we tackled the topic of Pricing scripts within Infigo. Want to revisit this or any previous Academy Webinar topic? Take a look now!

Next up in our Academy webinar series is the topic of Infigo Insights.

In this webinar, we shine a light on this topic, taking a closer look at:

  • What is Infigo Insights?
  • Our available Infigo Insights plans
  • An introduction to using Infigo Insights
  • What information can I get from Infigo Insights?

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The best of the rest

Always display checkout attributes

This update ensures that checkout attributes are consistently displayed in Sales > Orders and SPO, even if customers don't provide values for them, with "-" indicating their presence as options.


PO number update from Sales Admin

PO number edit from order details within Admin is now possible.

In Sales > Orders, you can now conveniently edit and input the Purchase Order (PO) Number if the Purchase Order was used as the payment method for an order. This update simplifies the process for B2B scenarios where adding the PO Number at a later stage is common.

A new "Edit" button is displayed next to the PO Number field when Purchase Order is the selected payment method. 


Bug fixes and general improvements

A selection of fixes and general improvements made to the software in these deployments. This does not constitute a full list!

  • Resolved issue with infinite loading on some mobile screen when we have set ruler and have the free target width more than screen device width.
  • Support scales templates with the same system names on different storefronts.
  • File browsers within Infigo will now display the total number of files present, along with other minor visual changes to Infigo based file browsers.
  • Legacy settings cleanup
  • Fixed errors with the "Hide all pricing" functionality.
  • Option added in the "Required Script" MegaEdit script, that control the visibility of the "Add to basket anyway" button.
  • Fixes made for Sage Pay loading error when iframe protection is on.
  • Veracore image sync issue resolved.
  • Spot colours now show in downloaded output when using spot colours and shadow features. 
  • Repair of rare concurrency issue when MegaScripts tries to update the delivery status of the order.
  • Bug fixes on Connect: Flow MIS email.
  • Performance improvements on Multipart products when processing pdf uploads.
  • Approval quantity improved to have stock quantity validation.
  • Fixes made to Insights customer role sync when multiple roles are removed.
  • Some API method adjustments.
  • Small Editable Content bug fixes.
  • Bug fixes on forgotten password capabilities.
  • Budget and Workflow tokens now displayed in the UI.

Deployments: R23-39, 40, 41, 42
Deployed: October 2023

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