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Infigo Academy: Setting up the Invent plugin for InDesign



Within Invent it is possible to manage general MegaEdit product settings that previously you would have had to configure and control in MegaEdit directly or from within the Infigo Admin.

This article will run through where in the plugin you can find these settings and a high level run through of the different settings you have available.


Setup Tab 

In the Invent plugin, if you have downloaded our 2.0 or later release (if not you can find it here), you will see a Setup tab. 


This is where all these settings live, but it is broken down into 5 sections:

  • Editor
  • Field
  • Image
  • Visual
  • Other


Editor Settings


The first tab is the editor settings and here you have 3 main controls currently

Allow Add to basket - This is a checkbox that when disabled will remove the add to basket button from the editor. By default this is enable.

Preview - Here we allow you to decide which preview you want to use (at the moment the options are limited to just Standard Preview or No preview.

Use direct preview mode - When this is enabled the editor would show only the preview and editing would happen via the form only.

Download Features - Here we allow you to select if you want to allow direct downloads from within MegaEdit. The options available are PDF (our PDF preview download), Image (to download a jpg version) or Both. In this section you can also specify the watermark text and if you want to restrict printing on the preview files that are downloaded.


Field Settings


The Field tab allows you to do two things, that previously you would have had to configure by clicking on the product settings menu item in the editor.

Allow adding text fields -Turned off would remove the 'Add Text' button from the editor restricting customers from being able to add their own text fields.

Allow adding image fields - This does the same but for image fields.



Image Settings


The Image tab currently allows you to 4 image related settings, some will impact the core behaviour of the editor and some control the UI.

Minimum Image Resolution - This is the same as is currently available in MegaEdit product option and allows you to specify when the low res image warning should kick in.

Show Image Upload Area - This setting determines if you want the gallery tab to be available to the customer or not. The default value is 'False'.

Enable Direct Image Upload - This is a product setting that controls the behaviour of the image fields on the canvas. When this is enabled and a user clicks on the image field directly it would show their computer's file directory allowing them to upload an image and use it in that field.

Ask for default album - Setting this to true will ask the customer, when they first upload a gallery image to select which album they would like to use as their default. This is disabled by default.



Visual Settings


The Visual tab contains 3 settings

Show Bleed Lines - This allows you to control if you want to show the bleed lines in the editor or not. The default value is enabled.

Show Ruler - This allows you to control if you want the rulers to display. The default value is disabled.

Background Options - Here you can choose from the drop down of options of backgrounds we offer that will be shown behind the canvas. Available options currently are 'Neutral Checker Pattern' which is the default, 'Pattern' and 'Solid Colour' which then allows you to specify which colour you wish to use.



Other / Miscellaneous Settings


On this tab is a collection of other settings that provide you with even more control about how you want your product and MegaEdit to behave.

Show Option to Clear Page - This setting determines whether the 'Clear Page' button is shown to the end user or not. The default value is disabled.

Profanity - Here we have two options, one to turn the profanity checker on or off, and the second to decide if you want to once it is enabled MegaEdit to mask the censored works or not.

Show Drawing Tools - This setting determines if in the tools section in MegaEdit the option to allow users to use the freehand drawing tools is available of not. The default value is disabled.

Snap Options - Similar to the options currently available in MegaEdit here you can choose how you want your objects to snap, either to the other items, the grid or to turn it off. The default value is to snap to items. And also when you select Item or Grid it allows you to control the sensitivity of the snapping.

Export Type - This is an Invent specific setting and it allows you to control how you want the MEX package to be exported. Standard, the default option, is the normal FULL export that contains all the elements you have created in order to generate a fully functional MegaEdit product. The Bootstrap product creation option only exports the fields.


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