Chameleon Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is the minimum and maximum number of Chameleon Groups?

A: The minimum number of Chameleon Groups per storefront is 2, and the maximum is 15. We suggest trying to keep the number of groups to a minimum as the more you have, the harder is can be to manage. 


Q: Can Chameleon affect the Admin menu?

A: No, Chameleon only affects the sites look and feel based on user access. 


Q: Can login pages be branded per chameleon group?

A: Yes. You will need to configure the login page in Editable Content and then use the "UrlPattern" setting in Chameleon Configuration. For more information please see 


Q: When would I use chameleon?
A: Chameleon allows you to offer the same products, payment methods, delivery methods, and MIS integrations to each of your clients whilst giving them a personalised feel without having to create a storefront for each of them. However it isn't an alternative to creating individual storefronts as not everything can be managed by Chameleon Groups. 


Q: Can I add a custom favicon for different Chameleon Groups? 

A: At the moment Infigo doesn't support this (correct as of January 2022). We have a development task in the backlog to update this. 


Q: Can I have different fonts on different Chameleon profiles? 

Y: Yes, you can. You'd configure these in CSS override. 


Q: Do I need to complete all of the user access fields in the "Chameleon Configuration" setup for user access? 

A: No, its best to keep it simple. For example:

- if you have an open storefront (B2C) and you're using a URL pattern (a binding) then that would be enough for users to be taken to the Chameleon Group and see the custom storefront setup. 

- if you're creating B2B Chameleon Groups then you may want to control this by departments, roles or products. 

The more requirements you set for user access, the more complicated it will be to manage and keep updated. 



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