Invent Group suppression


A common use case for clients is using group suppression using a number of fields.  There are scenarios where the fields must suppress in multiple directions left and right and vertically too.  Here we outline a simple scenario using 2 Text variables and 2 label fields.


Setup you InDesign document

Create your Label fields T and M and add in your variable fields Telephone and Mobile (adding variables)
Create 3 groups in InDesign by selecting multiple fields and ctrl and selecting 'group'

Group 1 T label and Telephone variable

Group 2 M label and Mobile variable 

Group 3 Master group containing all of those fields

Rename each field using the layers panel (on the menu bar Windows > Layers [F7]) - save updates (easier to distinguish in the group list)

Select Group 1 - Set this as spread behaviour horizontal - and make the Telephone variable field the Master 

Select G2 - Set this as spread behaviour horizontal - and make the Mobile variable field the Master 


Select Group 3 - Set the master group as spread behaviour 'Vertical' 

Export Document from INDesign
Import into infigo
You should now see horizontal suppression between Mobile and M label when it is empty and vertical suppression when Telephone field is not used.

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