Invent Release Notes


Release 1.2.7 (02/12/2021)

  • Improved Logging
  • Fixes for relative path assets
  • More special character support
  • Improvement to text field font error checking
  • Text field alignment improvements
  • Rich text handling improvements
  • Increased Field Limit
  • Disabled sampling on export to improve export resolution
  • Form ignored if no variables are created
  • Access to log file location from the About dialog
  • Improvements to export size estimation


Release 2.0 (10/02/2022)

  • Introduction of logic 
  • Ability to assign parent/child variables
  • Pre-populated data
  • General performance improvements
  • Introduction of the Setup tab


Release 2.0.1 (04/04/2022)

  • Bug fixes for bootstrap export mode
  • Improved validation on text frames before exporting
  • CMYK output failure fix
  • Mac OS timeouts
  • Text field position improvements
  • Text colour resource mapping persistency fix
  • Ruler and field alignment offset positional inconsistencies fix




Future Releases

Release 3.0 (due July 2022)

  • Investigation into Adobe Cloud Fonts support
  • Image upload variable
  • Time variable selector
  • Text manipulator via regex
  • Dropdown with no pre-selection value required
  • Default images for image fields
  • Batch Support
  • Layout support
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