Enabling and configuring our TaxJar plugin

About TaxJar 

TaxJar is a Sales Tax Compliance software that we integrate with to provide our customers with roof top level accuracy on sales tax rates during the ordering process.

Signing up to and enabling the TaxJar plugin on your Infigo storefront will mean that for each order, depending on the Shipping Address the correct sales tax will be applied and charged to the end user.

If you'd like to take advantage the TaxJar integration then you will require the professional version of their product which then includes the API look ups. 

To sign up, please go to - https://taxjar.grsm.io/infigosoftware and submit a support ticket here under a New Module Enquiry. We will need to enable TaxJar for you. 


How it works

When a customer lands on your Infigo storefront with TaxJar enabled and they are not logged in we will fallback to a default sales tax location that you can configure. Once logged in, which they will need to do to place an order, we will check for a saved default shipping address on the users account and use this as their default sales tax location, if they dont have one then the original storefront default is still used. Then obviously once the customer gets to the checkout and selects their shipping address for that order we will then use that for the most accurate sales tax rate calculation prior to them confirming and paying.


Setting up TaxJar in Infigo

If you have already gone through these steps and we have enabled TaxJar on your platform, then please follow these steps: 

  1. Go to the Admin Menu > Configuration >Tax > Tax Providers > TaxJar
  2. Enter the TaxJar API key & click Save

Then on each product you need to make sure that you have a Tax Category assigned to each product for sales tax rates to be requested from Taxjar during the ordering process.




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