How to change your layout


To help you structure your storefront's pages in a consistent manner, the Layout Manager allows you to assign different layouts to different page groups.

A layout is simply a saved configuration of modules and containers which can be assigned to multiple page groups.

To learn more about modules and containers, please see this article.


Page Groups

As the name implies, a page group is a group of pages on your storefront which follow the same structure, and therefore they share a layout.

For example, all category pages will, by default, contain nothing but the products and subcategories assigned to it. Therefore, since they all follow this concept, we have grouped all categories into the same Page Group, and so they will share the same layout.

The full list of page groups can be found below:

  • Homepage
  • Category pages
  • Product pages
  • Content pages
  • My Account pages
  • Checkout workflow
  • Basket
  • Product search results
  • Blog listing page
  • Individual blog articles
  • Login page

Note: Whilst you are able to assign the same layout to as many of these page groups as you would like, please keep in mind that the content may load differently for different groups.


Setting a layout

To set a layout for a page group, follow the steps below:

  1. As a storefront administrator, open the layout manager by clicking on the icon in the bottom-left of your screen:
  2. Select the layout you would like to apply from the "Layouts" dropdown
  3. Click "Change Layout"
  4. The page will refresh and your new layout will be applied


Please keep in mind that many layouts have been left unconfigured to serve as a blank slate for you to work with.

We also recommend sticking to any layout that begins with "1 Column" or "2 Column" as these are the officially supported layouts.

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