Invent Feature Roadmap


We have so many plans for our Invent plugin over the coming 12-18 months it's feature list will continue to grow and grow, and so we have created a list below of some of the features we intend to release in updates over that period for you to see.


If you would like to recommend your own improvements or feature requests then please email us with your thoughts and if they make sense or we get enough then we will add them to the roadmap.


Roadmap Feature List

  • Batch Support
    • Being able to assign and control our batch upload functionality from within Invent
  • Keep default value for image fields
    • Maintaing the image within the Image Frame once it is made variable and include it in the invent package.
  • Adobe cloud font support
  • Support for prepopulate data
    • A feature that is already available in MegaEdit and Infigo Designer
    • Allowing you to mark variables or frames to be populated with data from the customer
  • Support for Barcode fields
  • Upload form elements
    • Including, for Image Frames, the ability to include in your form an upload component to allow them to add their own images
  • Page support (for variables and logic)
    • Ability to include pages and page actions within your variable logic
  • Layout support
    • Create layouts,
    • Apply layouts via variables
  • Advanced dynamic groups
    • Movement
    • Alignment
    • Resizing of groups of frames
  • Richtext in text library
  • Advanced page setups
    • Support for spreads
    • Dynamic page sizes with limits
    • Assigning default layouts
  • Support for MegaEdit Styles (and link with InDesign styles)
  • Ability to upload directly into Infigo Admin from Invent
    • Removing the need to export, then navigate to admin, then import.


Currently you need to obtain the Invent plugin directly from us and instructions on how you can do this can be found here however we are planning on publishing the Invent plugin on the inDesign App store making it more accessible and easy to upgrade to the latest releases. Keep an eye out for this update in future releases.


Release updates

In order to keep all our customers up-to-date with all the latest releases of our Invent plugin we will be sending out release note emails, similar to the ones you should already be receiving for our general Infigo releases, but dedicated to Invent.

The release notes will highlight what new features and improvements have been added with links to the relevant Help Centre Articles and also what bugs have been addressed too.

So keep an eye out for these landing in your inboxes soon.

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