Importing your Invent Package


The import process is very simple once you have created and exported your Invent package. 

Simply create your Infigo product as you normally would, applying your attributes, pricing and settings however you require that product to be setup.

Once you have a product that you want to turn into a MegaEdit product then continue through the import steps below


Creating MegaEdit Products

Now though, instead of having to create all the MegaEdit canvases, resource categories, output types, stocks etc. the Invent package will do ALL of this for you.

Navigate to Catalogue > Product Types > MegaEdit > MegaEdit Products. Then click on the 'Add New' button and where you have always selected which Product Variant you want to attach the MegaEdit product to. There is now a 'Mex Import Package' upload.


Click 'Choose a file' and then locate your exported Invent Package.

Once the import has finished you will be shown a package overview 



This will show you a breakdown of the contents of that Invent Package and subsequently the resources that were created because of it - Canvases, Stock items, Output Types, Fonts etc. Clicking edit on any of those will take you directly to that resource in admin for you to amend if required.

Happy with the import and the resources that have been created? Now all you need to do is test the product as an end user to see it in all its glory.


Updating MegaEdit Products

So you've tested your product that you created using an Invent package and realised that you want to make some changes? No problem. Simply open the InDesign file again, make all the relevant changes you wish. Follow the steps in our Exporting your Invent Package article and then Navigate to Catalogue > Product Types > MegaEdit > MegaEdit Products. This time instead of clicking 'Add New' just locate the product you wish to update and click on the 'Import' button.



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