Exporting your Invent Package


Created a beautifully designed variable InDesign file and now want to see it in MegaEdit? Easy. The next two articles will walk you through the simple steps to go from InDesign to ordering the product on your Infigo storefront.


Save your file

Firstly, you need to ensure you save your InDesign file. We suggest doing this regularly anyway but before every Export you must save the file.



Navigate to the Export tab in the Invent plugin panel. Here it will display a summary of your Invent Package as a quick sanity check to ensure you are happy prior to exporting. Here you can see the total count of fields and variables, the different resource sets that will be included and what they contain, the number of pages and the overall package size.

The first thing you need to do though is simply set the location and name of your Export File by clicking on 'Set Export File'.

NOTE At this point if you have not saved your file or if any of the validation fails for your Invent Package it will display this here and potentially prevent you from exporting until they are resolved.


Now click on the 'Export' button to create your very own Infigo Invent package.


>> Check out our article on Importing your Invent Package

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    My validation failed. It prompts me to choose which field to fix and highlights it, but does not go any further than that. It's telling me that this field is using AUTO for the height, but does not point me in the direction I need to go to fix this error. I cannot easily find the Auto setting to even change it.

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    Hi Scot, I get this error too. I just key in manually the auto height InDesign set (in brackets) and that seems to work

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