Adding Resources in Invent


We discussed in a previous article what Resources and Resource Sets are and so now we are going to walk you through how you can add them and use them in Invent.

The concept is the same across all the resource sets, however some of the information and options available vary depending on which resource set you select.

In this article we will run through creating a Font Set and uploading fonts.


Creating a Resource Set

To add resources you first need to click on the 'Add Resource Set' button in the Invent plugin panel.



In the subsequent popup we set the name of the resource set and we select which one we want to create.


Creating a Font Set

In this case we will select 'Font Set' from the choice of Resources and in the next screen we are shown the Font Set editing page.


Adding Fonts into the Font Set

There are two ways for you to add fonts to the Font Set.

The first is to upload them by simply clicking on the 'Upload Fonts' button and selecting your fonts from your local machine.

The second approach is to click the 'Get OS Fonts' button. What this does is extract a list of all your locally installed fonts and make them available for you to select and use in your Font Set. Retrieving the fonts list can take a little while depending on how many fonts you have installed but once they are all ready you can then select from the list which font you want to include and then click 



When dealing with fonts it is important that you either own the license for the fonts you are using or you use license free fonts, and to remind you we have introduced a confirmation popup during font selection process that you must confirm before continuing to use that font.

Please note: we do not support Adobe Cloud Fonts currently.


We have now added one font from our OS font list, and uploaded two additional fonts. So our Font Set currently contains 3 fonts.

Here we can reorder the fonts to control the order in which they will be displayed and if we click edit on any of the fonts we can add a UI friendly name, or replace it either from the OS Font list or by uploading  new one, or delete any of the fonts to remove them from the Font Set.

NOTE If you use a space in the UI Name we will automatically replace it with a hyphen as spaces are not allowed.


Once happy with your Resource Set - click Save.


Now under the Resources tab in the Invent panel you will see your Font Set listed. This includes the font count within it, the type and also the name of the Set. 



You can then repeat this process for multiple Font Sets and for any other Resource Sets you want to include in your MegaEdit product.


Using Resources with Variables

As mentioned above, Resource Sets can be used just as a collection of resources to help build up the MegaEdit product. They can also be used in what we call Variables to allow logic and selections to be made by the user as part of the personalisation process. For example, the Font Set we just created could be added to a Dropdown variable that is then used with an InDesign Text Frame to allow the user to select a font to be applied to that text.


>>> Checkout our article on What are Invent Variables? to learn more

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