What are Invent Resources and Resource Sets?



You'll see the term 'Invent Resources' and 'Resource Sets' mentioned throughout the Help Centre articles and videos on Invent and these are essentially collections of assets that can be used to help create the MegaEdit product.

They can created as resources that the customer has access to and can choose from, or can be hidden away and there purely to facility the functionality and design of the product in order for it to work.

We have a number of different types of Resources Sets that you can choose from 


Resource Sets

We offer a number of different Resource Set Types in Invent.

  • Backgrounds
  • Cliparts
  • Fonts

These you will be familliar with from the current MegaEdit resource categories (background categories, clipart categories, font categories)

  • Text Library
  • Colours


Background Sets

Backgrounds can be used on the product as the decoration behind the design, which sits behind all other fields and assets on the product.

Creating a Background Set allows you to create a container to upload all the Background assets you want to make available to the MegaEdit product. These then get created and included as a Background Category in Infigo once imported.


Clipart Sets

Cliparts can be used as extra design elements on a product either as fixed assets on the design or as options for users to select from when personalising their MegaEdit product.

Creating a Clipart Set allows you to create a container to upload all the image files you want to make available. These then get created and included as a Clipart Category and Clipart's within it in Infigo once imported.


Font Sets

Fonts obviously control the font styles in the document and by uploading additional fonts you can allow the users to select from more choice.

Creating a Font Set allows you to create a container to upload all the fonts which then get created and included as a Font Category in Infigo once imported.

Please Note: We do not currently support Adobe Cloud fonts, so we will only export locally installed fonts initially. Please ensure you have correct licensing for any fonts you are exporting from InDesign. Infigo are not responsible for any font mis-use.

Text Library

The concept of a Text Library existed in the Infigo Designer plugin and allows you to create predefined text options that the user can potentially select from when creating their product. A good example for this is on a Business Card where you may want to limit the number of addresses they can select from so you can create a Text Library with an entry for each address, and when the user selects one it populates the address details of the one they have selected.

A Text Library on its own will not do anything, it needs to be attached to a variable to allow it to be used which we cover in later articles.


Colour Sets

Colour Sets, like the Text Library, is a collection of colours that you can create and name and then use elsewhere in the product. A good example of this providing a limit set of colours for the user to select from when personalising various parts of their MegaEdit product.


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