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A game changer for design, web-to-print and the future of your business!

The Invent plugin is something we have been working on for the last 18 months, something that you and others in the print industry have been demanding. And now its here...


What is Invent?

Invent is our groundbreaking plugin that combines the design flexibility of InDesign with the functionality of end-to-end web-to-print.

Installation takes just minutes and allows you to control settings and features for your design template, directly from InDesign.

This powerful integration gives Infigo users greater design capabilities, particularly for dynamic products, while slashing the time it takes to create and migrate PDF templates by up to 80%.

This means you can create and test new products quicker than ever before. Which is why it’s not exaggeration when we say this is ‘a game changer’ for our customers – as well as for the web-to-print space.

Take advantage of market trends, quickly launch profitable new revenue streams and stay one step ahead of your competitors.


Greater flexibility

Invent massively speeds up the template creation process.

Rather than building out a template in the browser from scratch, you can create it in InDesign and import seamlessly to your Infigo storefront. In short, it allows you to control settings and features for your design template, directly from InDesign.

This includes variable text fonts and colours, restrictions on element position, generation of forms, and much, much more.


Why it's a game changer

  • Create products/templates for web-to-print with the most recognised design tool in the industry (no need to learn new software)
  • Control settings and features for your design template directly from InDesign
  • Reduce the time it takes to create and launch products by up to 80%
  • Diversify your range and deliver more technical and advanced products
  • Get products to market quicker than ever before
  • Remove the need for technical scripting, instead build templates via an intuitive user interface
  • FREE for all MegaEdit customers, so no costly upgrade required


Get your hands on it

Follow our easy Download and Install guide to get started with Invent



...And we are not done yet

We have spent considerable time developing, testing and fine tuning Invent. But we won’t be resting on our laurels. Continuous upgrades, based on your feedback, will ensure you have a dynamic tool that meets the demands of an everchanging industry.

So, when you invest in Infigo, and get access to Invent, you know you are getting a feature-rich platform that will give your print business a competitive edge not just now but in the future.


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