Cookie Information

Infigo uses by default only technical cookies. No tracking cookies will be set unless features are enabled in admin - most tracking code has to be pasted in explicitely.


The following cookies are used by the platform for end users

Name Purpose
AWSALB Server affinity cookie. Due to the load balanced web farm, this cookie will ensure subsequent requests are handled by the same server.
[PlatformName].AUTH Authentication cookie for a logged in user. This will be used to authenticate the requests.
CFTDC Session cookie to identify the currently running server session.
INF.CUST Unique customer identifier. When no authentication cookie is available, this will uniquely identify guest sessions
__RequestVerificationToken Used as anti forgery token


In addition, we have a few admin only cookies

Name Purpose
collapsedSidebar Frontend cookie to handle the state of the admin sidebar
CF_SelectedStorefront Used for platform admins to switch accounts


Optional cookies - active only when the feature is enabled and used

Name Purpose
cas_gateway_status Cookie name for the CAS SSO implementation. Can be adjusted in the CAS configuration.
_samlIdp Cookie name for the SAML2 SSO implementation.

Cookie name for the SAML2 SSO implementation

OAuthToken Used by the Flickr Image plugin to maintain the authentication. Only set when this feature is used.
INF.CompareProducts Cookie used for product comparison feature. Only set when this feature is enabled.
INF.RecentlyViewedProducts Cookie used to control the recently viewed product feature. Only set when this feature is enabled.
TDUID_TEMP Google Pixel Cookie
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