Insights Pro+


Insights Pro+ is our intermediate, best bang-for-your-buck, paid tier. It gives you the customisation and flexibility to create a rich reporting experience for our users without the need to go all the way to Enterprise.

With Insights Pro+ you get everything included in the Insights Pro plan but you also get access to the Advanced SQL report writer AND we allow you to modify and customise our Default Dashboards.

You can see the costs and a breakdown of what's included and the differences between our plans here.


Creating custom SQL reports

The most powerful way to create your custom reports in Metabase is to use the SQL report builder (Native question). We recommend this approach is reserved only for those that have experience writing and using Structured Query Language (SQL) as it can be quite complex.

Its power comes from you not being restricted by any UI driven report approach. If you understand the data structure of your database then you can create any reports you wish using this advance custom SQL.

If you'd like to create your own SMTP for sending reports then you will need our Insights Enterprise package. 


To read more on how to create SQL Reports have a look at our Creating Custom Reports article.


Assistance with troubleshooting your own SQL reports is not supported under your support contract, however we do offer creating advanced reports for you as paid professional service. Is this is something you would like us discuss with us then please raise a ticket.


If you wish to upgrade to Insights Pro+ at anytime please contact sales or raise a support ticket.


Creating Dashboard Subscriptions (scheduled reports)

If you wish to schedule a custom report to run periodically then you will need to create a dashboard and subscribe to it. 

This Metabase article walks you through the 'how to': 


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