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Insights Pro is our entry level paid tier. You can see the costs and a breakdown of whats included and the differences between our different plans here.

With Insights Pro you get everything included in the Insights Standard plan but you also get access to the Insights Portal (Metabase) so that you can create and modify your own Custom Reports.


On upgrading to Insights Pro, you will be provided with two admin logins to the Insights Portal. Here your reporting teams are able to create up to 5 custom reports.

You will have access to explore your reporting database tables to view all the data stored there and once familiar with database tables and the data stored within them you can create your own reports using the different report creation tools that Metabase has to offer.

To create your custom reports you will have access to two report builders in Metabase - Simple and Custom - that provides you with a UI to guide you through the report creation process. 

Once you have created your reports you can save them in a number of locations that will determine their access by others.

  • Saving them in your personal collection will mean only that user can view and access those reports when logged into Metabase
  • Saving them in the Custom > Other Collection will make them available to all your Metabase users when logged into Metabase as that is a shared collection.
  • Saving them in the Custom > Reporting Collection will mean that the reports are published to your Infigo platform and available to all your Infigo admin users to run and download from within Insights > Reports.


Take a look at our Insights Pro welcome guides to help get you up to scratch

Episode 1 - The basics


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