Insights Standard


Insights Standard is our out-the-box Insights offering. All the foundations are in place for you to utilise Infigo Insights but your features are limited to what is listed in this article.


Standard Reports

Insights Standard includes our hard-coded list of default reports. Similar to those that were previously offered in our Reporting Centre but we've given it a bit of a tidy up. We have reviewed the current reports and additional information, removed some unnecessary information and re-ordered columns to make them more intuitive and helpful.

To learn more on what reports are included as standard you can read our article on the Standard Insights Reports.


Standard Dashboards

Insights Standard also includes our hard-coded Dashboards. This is a new feature as part of Insights and is essentially a collection of reports that are displayed nicely in a dashboard. The purpose of the dashboards is to provide you with an in-depth snapshot of the performance of your Infigo platform and its storefronts. Out-the-box you will have access to two Dashboards, our B2B dashboard and our B2C dashboard.

These are available under Insights > Dashboards 



To learn more about our Dashboards have a read of our article here.

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