Setting Up and Using Reward Points on a Storefront


Catfish allows your customers to earn reward points and use them to get money off of their future orders. You can control when they earn these points, how many points they earn, and set the exchange rate between points and the store currency.


Enabling the feature

To enable the reward points feature on your storefront, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to "Configuration > Settings > Reward Points"
  2. Check "Enabled"mceclip1.png
  3. Click "Save


The reward points feature offers the following settings that allow you to configure the feature to behave how you want it to:


This determines whether or not the feature is active.

Exchange rate:

This setting allows you to set the monetary value of reward points

Points for registration:

This sets how many points will be awarded to the user when they register.

Points for purchases:

This sets how many points the user will be awarded for making a purchase.

Awarded order status:

This allows you to control the status which the order must reach before the user is awarded their points. For example, if you set the order to "Complete" then they will be awarded the points when you mark the job as complete. Alternatively, if you set it to "Processing" then they will be awarded the points as soon as payment has been confirmed.

Cancelled order status:

This allows you to set the status used to determine if the points should be removed. By default this is set to "Cancelled" so that if a user cancels their order, they lose the reward points granted by that.

How they work

When reward points are enabled, your customers can find them in their account:



It will display how many points you have earned, the money those points represent, and the history of orders placed toward those points:



During checkout, the customer will be able to check "Use my reward points" and the monetary value of the reward points will be removed from the order subtotal. mceclip4.png


If this would cover the entire cost of the order, then payment will not be requested from the user. Otherwise, the user will pay for the rest of the order as normal.

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