Configuring A New Domain or URL Binding


This article will help explain the process of how to add a new URL to your storefront. If you also plan on obtaining an SSL to secure your site, we have to complete the binding first. You can read this article on the steps for implementing an SSL if you would like to obtain a certificate for your new domain. 

Please note, that implementing a new binding will accrue the following charge:

UK: £15 + VAT

US: $18



Prior to raising a ticket for us to configure a domain binding for you, you will need to have purchased your domain so that you can configure your DNS.

A majority of our customers purchase their domains through GoDaddy or 123Reg, but please use whichever service you prefer.

What We Need

When raising a ticket for configuring a new domain, please be sure to provide the following:

  1. Current Storefront URL (e.g.
  2. New domain URL.

The Process

  1. After raising a support ticket with the above information, a support team member will raise a formal task to our development team to implement this new domain against the storefront requiring this binding.
  2. When that task is completed, it will be deployed in one of our bi-monthly releases. Note: This task will need to be raised to the development team a few days prior to one of our releases otherwise it will have to be included in the next release.
  3. Once released, the support team will provide you a CNAME record to point this new domain towards. Note: This must be configured in your DNS. This is not a task Infigo can carry out as it is something you need to do with your hosting provider. 


Note: This process can take up to 2 weeks to complete. If you need to expedite this process then we can do so, but there is an additional 'rush charge'. 

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