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In order to start using a Connect Plugin you first need to have it enabled on your platform, this requires the plugin to have either been part of your original contract with Infigo Software or purchased as an add-on module. If you would like information about our Connect Plugins or want to have one enabled on your platform then please either Raise a Support Ticket or email our Sales Team.

Connect Settings allows you to control which Connect Plugin is enabled on each of your storefronts and what it should do/control - what each of our Connect Plugins can control and do depends on each plugin.



To enable the use of your Connect Plugin on one of your storefronts you need to navigate to Connect Settings in admin.

Either Search for 'Connect Settings' in the admin menu search or navigate to Configuration > Settings > Integrations > Connect Settings


If you do not have access to view Connect Settings in admin then please raise a support ticket


Here you will be shown a list of all the enabled Connect Plugins that you have at your disposal. 

To enable them on the storefront simply check the required plugin next to the 'Enabled Connect Plugin' setting. Once you have enabled it here the storefront will attempt to start using that plugin so it is important you have it properly configured before doing so. Have a look here at all our Connect specific plugins to find our more about each.


When setting up the plugin for the first time, we usually encourage you to enable verbose logging so that you can better troubleshoot any issues that might be occurring in the early stages of setting it up. Verbose logging essentially requests additional information from the Connect Plugin every time it does something. These logs can be seen in our System Logs, these are only viewable by the support team.


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