Custom Data Category


Custom Data categories are multi-purpose entities that can be used in different areas of our system.


Creating a new record

In order to access the list of custom data categories, you can perform an Admin menu search for "Custom Data" or go to the relative URL "CA/Admin/CustomData."


Before managing the content, you need to create a new record with:

  • A unique id
  • A name
  • An optional store location (this is used for a connection with an Elasticsearch URL)


After adding an entry you can manage the content by clicking the "Manage" button in the row.


Managing content

This is the view when editing.





You can perform same operation when managing a Custom Data Category.

Department selection

The department selection is used as a link for the different plugins to take this into account.

Upload CSV file

You can upload a CSV file to generate this data. It will create the data with the values in the rows and having the columns as different properties. Any new import will add the records and will not perform an update.

Download CSV file

In the same way you upload the data, you can also download it. This is useful if you want to update some values of the properties, however, remember to delete all the data first if you want to reupload.


This test button will test the configured store location elastic search URL.

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