Quantity Based Pricing



Infigo supports the setup of quantity based tiered pricing which not only allows you to control your pricing based on the number of items customers are ordering but also to limit the quantities in which you want to sell that product in. For each quantity tier you want to offer you can configure an order line price for that amount which will then be presented to the user when ordering that product.


Product OR Product Group

As with many of the product configuration options this can either be done in the product's individually or if they are part of a product group then as part of the configuration of the group. The steps are exactly the same. Here is the navigation for both. 

Product Navigation: Catalogue > Products > Product Management - Press 'Edit' on the product. Go to the 'Product Variant' tab. Press Edit. 

Product Group Navigation: Catalogue > Products > Product Groups - Press 'Edit' on the product group.



1. It is good practice to set your minimum basket quantity to match your lowest quantity tier. In this example we are setting up quantity tiers of 25, 50, 100, 150, 200, 250 and so we would set the minimum basket quantity to 25.



2. Now, navigate to the Tier Prices tab. Here you have a number of options available to you but for standard Quantity Tier pricing as this article discusses you will want to check the 'Use Quantity Based Pricing' setting. 

3. To create quantity tiers you simple need to click on the 'Add New Record' button. Here you will be presented with a Customer Role drop down (find out more below), a Quantity input and a Price For Order input. Enter in your Quantity tier amount followed by your Price for that quantity and then click 'Insert'. Repeat this process for as many quantity tiers as you want to offer to the customer.


Once finished, ensure you Save the product.




All pricing in Infigo is based on the unit price, so although in this article we show us setting up the price for the quantity tier as a whole, in the background the pricing engine is dividing that order price by the quantity to arrive at a unit price.

In order to ensure this remains accurate you need to make sure that rounding is not happening on your pricing calculations - click here to view more information on Price Rounding.





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