Specification Attributes



Specification Attributes are essentially placeholders of information that you can present to the user that help to describe the specifics of a product. Unlike Product Attributes, they do not require interaction from the customer but instead are there to simply display some information about the product.



Similar to Product Attributes you first need to create the attribute before assigning it to a product. 

1. Creating a Specification Attribute is very straightforward. Navigate to Catalog > Attributes > Specification Attributes. Press Add New to get started.

2. Once you name your specification attribute, you will need to click Save and Continue Edit to add an option to display to your customers.



3. Go to the Options tab, press Add a new option. A new window will open where you can add a new specification option. 



4. Once you have created the specification attribute, you can add it to a product by navigating to Catalog > Products > Product Management > Edit > Specification attributes.

Click the attribute you just created from the drop down and select any other settings you would like and then click add attribute.



Your product should now have the specification attribute assigned to it. 

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