Phone Number Format Script - Infigo Designer Advanced

We have a phone number format script that will allow you to change how your phone number will output for your template. 

**You need to enable Advanced Mode before proceeding with these steps. 

Step 1 - Update Advanced Mode


This step is critical as it enables the advanced button to appear in the Javascript Management in Infigo Designer. 

First, you will need to enable another advanced mode in Infigo Designer. On your local machine, you will need to Run "regedit". 

From here, you will want to follow this path: HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Mapsoft > InfigoDesigner. The third value from the bottom, called ShowAdvanced, right click on this. Press Modify, and in Value Data, type in 1. Press OK. 



Open [HDD] > Users > [User] > Library > Preferences > InfigoVI Preferences and set 'ShowAdvancedButton' value to '1',

If you do not see your the Library folder refer to these links:


Step 2 - Insert the JavaScript File


You can close this, now, you will need to put the javascript file into your scripts folder. The javascript file is attached. The path is Local Disk (C:) > Program Files (x86) > Adobe > Acrobat DC > Acrobat > plug_ins > Xclusive > JavaScripts, you will then want to paste in your javascript file here. 


The path for MAC is mac01 > Library > Preferences > Infigo > Javascripts, you will then place the javascript file here. 



*From here, the phone number format script should be available for both PC and MAC. Please open a new session of Adobe Acrobat, and go to Infigo Designer > Predefined Javascripts. If the script is not there, please proceed to Step 3. If the script is there, please proceed to Step 4


Step 3 - Insert the JavaScript into Infigo Designer

Now, navigate to  Infigo Designer > Javascript Managment. Click Advanced, in the Event drop-down, change the event to Perform before groups. Press Add, then paste in the javascript code from NotePad. Next, change the event to User fired event, add the script like before, and paste in the code. Press OK. 


Step 4 - Apply the Script to your Field

Now, open up Adobe and your product. Click on the field you wish to have the format, then hit Infigo Designer > Predefined Javascripts. Hit Phone number script, then press Run Script. Select the field you selected earlier, and choose your phone format. Hit OK. 

Navigate to the field, and in the Properties tab, you will see a PhoneNumberFormat field.


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