Authorize.Net Setup and Configuration

If you are planning on using Authorize.Net as a payment plugin, this article will help explain what is needed to set it up on your storefront and the settings you can use for configuration.


You will first need to navigate to Admin > Configuration > Payment Plugins > Authorize.Net > Configure to begin this process. You will then see the required settings needed to begin the connection between your Authorize.Net account and Catfish, "API Login ID" and "Transaction Key."



You can obtain you API Login ID and generate your Transaction Key on's site in Account > API Credentials.

Once you have input this information, you can test the connection when enabling "Use Sandbox URL":


Enabling this means you will be able to select this as a payment method and checkout without the Authorize.Net iFrame pop up. If you want to simulate the customer experience, keep this setting disabled and place an order that is $.01 or £.01 and then refund the order in Sales > Orders. 

The last part of the setup includes the "Submit the payment form automatically" setting:


When enabled, the Authorize.Net iFrame will automatically display the payment form for the customer to fill out. When disabled, they will need to click "Confirm" before moving forward to entering their payment credentials. 


Catfish allows you to have some configuration options when using Authorize.Net on the platform. You will have the following customization options:

Payment Options


Require Card Code Verification (CCV) - This setting is provided by the Address Verification Service (AVS) from banks and card associations to help identify suspicious payment card activity for e-commerce transactions. AVS matches portions of the customer's billing address, as provided by the merchant, against the billing address on file with the issuing bank. Enable this setting if you want to enforce these additional checks

Enable Credit Card Payments - This allows customers to pay via credit cards

Show Bank Account Information -  Enable this setting if you want to display bank account fields on the payment form. 

Security Options


Show Captcha Form - Enable this if you would like to have your Google security reCAPTCHA enabled in the Authorize.Net iFrame. 

Shipping Address Options


Show Shipping Address Form - Enable this setting if you would like the shipping information entered in Catfish's checkout flow to be displayed in the payment form. 


Billing Address Options


Show Billing Address Form - Enable this setting if you would like the billing information entered in Catfish's checkout flow to be displayed in the payment form.

Customer Options


Show Email Address - Enable this setting if you would like to have the customer's email address on the payment form.

Style Options


Primary Accent Colour - Use this setting to select the primary accent colour of some of the payment form elements. These elements include the buttons, and field line colours. 


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