Editing Email Message Templates

Infigo Academy: Email accounts and message templates


Within Infigo, you have the ability to setup email content for each of your storefronts. The email messages can be input with full HTML for enhanced layouts and customization. To access your email templates, please navigate to Content Management > Email Message Templates. You will then see a list of the message templates similar to the below image. Please view this article for more information on each of these templates.



You can also see which templates are active. To make a template active, press Edit, then check the Is active: button. Be sure to then Save your template. 


Templates that are not active will not be sent to the corresponding email address within the template. 


Email Options

press Edit to view your template, you will see the main area where you can change information such as the BCC, Subject, and Body. 



Below are what each of these options do:

Is active: Toggle the message template from on to off, a check indicates the template is active. 

Name: This is read-only, and is the system name for the template. 

Friendly Name: This sets the name shown in the admin list

BCC: This is the Blind Carbon Copy recipients for the template. Please use a comma followed by a space to separate recipients.

Subject: This is the subject of the message, message tokens can be included here. 

Body: Here is where you put the actual message. Each template is already loaded with HTML, however you can change this as you please.  

Email account: You can toggle which email account will be used to send the message. 


Message Tokens

You will also see a section to the left called Message Tokens, these tokens are used to pull in variables and other information from you site, onto the email template. 



The way these work are, you include the token in your message, then the information is loaded automatically to your template. The titles of these tokens explain where the information is coming from. 





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