Infigo Sync FAQs

Not only are we able to output your artwork to an FTP or API location, but we have developed our own windows-based program we call Infigo Sync (formerly known as Catfish Sync) that allows you to download your print-ready PDFs, as well as your job tickets, invoices, packing slips, and XML outputs.

How does it work?

Infigo Sync is installed on a local windows-based machine in your network, or wherever you wish to download the files to, and it periodically downloads all of your file outputs to a local folder which you can designate. 

You can run it either through the console mode which is a .exe file, or you can configure the Windows service it installs to run however often you need it to.

How often does it download files?

By default, Infigo Sync polls our servers for outputs every 30s. This can be configured, however 30s is the most frequent it can download as having it download any more rapidly will cause negative effects on the platform it is downloading from. 

Can I name my files?

To an extent, yes. The artwork output files themselves can have their naming structure changed, however the job tickets, packing slips, invoices, and XML outputs all used fixed naming templates.

Your output files will have to have a prefix of "JobType_OrderID_JobID_" in order to work with Infigo Sync, but after that the filename is up to you.

Where can I install it?

Any Windows-based machine powerful enough to run Windows 7 will be strong enough to run Infigo Sync, and it's a fairly lightweight application so you could even run it from your workstation.

How do I install it?

We have a helpful article which walks you through the installation. 

Why am I getting the error "Sync Installer Setup Wizard ended prematurely"? 

The Infigo Sync installer tends to only end prematurely when it is interrupted by another program/process. In most cases, this is some sort of antivirus software, Windows' built-in security, or a firewall rule preventing it from accessing your storefront as it finalises its installation. Sometimes it is as simple as running the msi as an administrator.

Can I send different outputs to different sub-folders?

Yes, Infigo's Hotfolders can be configured on your storefront, and you can control which output files go to which sub-folder of your main download folder. You can control this based on the product its an output of, based on the location of the person who ordered it, amongst other criteria that allows you control which folder it goes to. However, we only support 1 level of sub-folders.

I am on a Mac, is there anyway I can run Infigo Sync?

Not directly, however, if you have the Parallels Desktop for Mac the setup and installation is exactly the same. The only difference is, the Infigo Sync will only run while Parallels is open and running on your Mac. 


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