Configuring Quantity Breaks

Infigo supports the ability to configure Quantity Breaks via an Order Pack Quantity to allow customers to order in quantity multiples. 

Example: You only sell the product in quantities of 25, this configuration will flag the user if the quantity entered is not divisible by 25. 


Product OR Product Group

This can either be done in the product's individual settings, or a product group. The steps are exactly the same. Here is the navigation for both. 

Product Navigation: Catalogue > Products > Product Management - Press 'Edit' on the product. Go to the 'Product Variant' tab. Press Edit. 

Product Group Navigation: Catalogue > Products > Product Groups - Press 'Edit' on the product group.



1. In the Info Tab, find Order Pack Quantity. Enter the multiples amount you wish to sell this in. See Figure 1 and Figure 2 for the the product and product group.



Figure 1: Product Configuration



Figure 2: Product Group Configuration


2. Set the minimum cart quantity EQUAL to the the Order Pack Quantity. In this case, 25. See Figure 3 and Figure 4 for the the product and product group. 



Figure 3: Product Configuration



Figure 4: Product Group Configuration


3. Navigate to the Tier Prices tab. You will want to check 'Interpolate price based on tiers' and 'Show Price as Orderline Total'. Add new records for your quantities and price them accordingly. Save your changes. 



4. Here is an example of what this will look like on the product landing page. 


5. If a user enters a number not divisible by the Order Pack Quantity (25 in this example) an error will appear and they will not be able to continue to the next steps. 







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