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Deleting an image from an album may become problematic, due to the system saving jobs even after you have closed them down. To demonstrate this issue, this article will show you what happens when you upload an image, add it to the canvas, and navigate to a different page. 

There is also a solution on how to counter this, simply by saving the URL of the product within the editor, further details are ahead. 


Steps - Start a MegaEdit Product (We saved the URL when in the editor)

1. Upload Images to an Album. We are using two images to demonstrate why you cannot remove some images from your album. 


2. Drag the images to the canvas.


3. You will notice you cannot drag the images from the gallery to the delete folder because they are in use on the canvas. Active images will have a number in the top left of the image corresponding to the number of images being used on the canvas. In this case 1 for each image.


4. I will delete one image from my canvas; the Mocha Image. This can be done by double-clicking the image and pressing the delete button. 


5. Now, the Mocha Image can be dragged to the Add Files button, where it will now become a delete area. We will not be deleting this image, this is to show that the image is no longer active. 


6. Now, only one image is left on the canvas. This image cannot be removed from the album unless you delete it from the canvas because it is actively being used. The image is left here for this demonstration. 


7. Now, navigate to a different page, whether that be by pressing the back button, closing the browser, or navigating to one of the links in the menu of the editor. 

8. Now, go to Album Management (to enable, navigate to Configuration > Settings > Customers settings and search for Hide 'Albums' tab). Find your Album. 

9. There is a section with Current Images, these are for your selected album. Here, you can see a button under the Mocha Image we deleted earlier, but not the Puppy Image. This means that the Puppy Image is still active, despite closing the editor. The Mocha Image can be removed because it is no longer active on the canvas. 

The reason this happens is because Catfish saves jobs automatically for 30 days, and the puppy image is still considered active for 30 days. After 30 days, the job will be deleted by the system, meaning the image can be removed from the Album Management. 

A way around this is by saving the URL of the product when you are in the editor. This way you can go back and manually delete the image in use. 


The Solution

1. Paste the URL of the product you started earlier into a new window. You will be taken back to how you left it. In this case, the Puppy Image is exactly where it was before. 


2. The Puppy Image is manually deleted. 

3. Now, navigate back to the Album Management tab and find the album. Go to the Current Images section. You will now see that the Puppy Image has a button that allows you to select and delete it. 

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