How to Embed Fonts in Infigo Designer

To embed a font in Infigo Designer open the target PDF in Adobe Acrobat and navigate to Infigo Designer > Show Field Settings (OR if you are creating a new field for text using the font go to Tools > Infigo Designer > Add text field to PDF). See below for a screenshot illustrating these options;

Once the Field Settings box has appeared select your desired field from the list and navigate to Text Settings > Standard Format Setup to select the font. If the font is currently installed on your computer and accessible from Acrobat you will be able to select it from the list of fonts on this page. However if the font has not been installed or is not currently accessible in Acrobat click Alternate

This will open the window shown below. From here you can select fonts that have been installed on your computer but have not been imported into Acrobat. To install a font on your computer to import into Acrobat please see ""

Once you have installed and selected/selected your font click OK which will return you to the Standard Format Setup Window. Selecting your font from the 'Font-Face:" drop-down box will embed that font into the file. If this returns an error this means your font is incompatible and you will need to try a different version.

To double check which fonts are embedded into the file navigate to File > Properties > Fonts

If the font is shown as Embedded Subset you will need to save the file to embed it fully. Though if (upon opening the saved file) this is still listed as Embedded Subset please use a different font


If your font is not visible in the 'Alternate Font Setup' dialog box then a way to test this is to navigate to Acrobat > Infigo Designer > Configuration and enable the setting 'Show fonts with licensing issues'. HOWEVER if your font shows once this setting is enabled it indicates there is an issue with the license on the version of the font you are using. This means your version of the font may only be licensed for personal use and you will have to purchase another version for commercial use

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