Training Documents: Product Landing Page

Your product landing page is customisable for advanced users via the "Edit HTML" button on the Product info page (next to the text formatting options by the text boxes). Alternatively, users can use pre-defined templates to adjust the look of their pages. Product pages in particular have a dropdown below the "Admin Comment" text box

Dynamic Tabs

Notice the full description, specification and review sections have been grouped into forming three tabs of the same container with the Related products along the bottom of the page


Variants in Grid

All elements of this page have been tightly grouped together with the short description

Variants in Grid - Description On Top

A variant of Variants in Grid, this template puts the description ahead of the image

Tabbed Product Template

Similar to Dynamic Tabs except Related Products are included in the tabbed container as well

Static Product – Booklet Preview

Similar to "Variants in Grid – Description on Top" except the full description is replaced by the short description and sits above Related Products. The container below the start button is a preview for static products

Gallery in Tabs

Here the gallery container is tabbed and has replaced the Customer Review Tab with Delivery and split the footer section between Customer Reviews and Related Products

Variants in Grid – Description under Title

As described, similar to Variants in Grid except the description now sits under the product Title

Delivery Countdown

Similar to Variants in Grid – Description under Title except when the Product Landing Page is Edited to show a delivery countdown it is displayed

Dynamic Product Template Carousel

Here you have a large image preview and an image album to change the images to below the descriptions

Further to these options each page can be adjusted using the layout manager which is accessible by clicking the following icon in the bottom left of your page


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