Training Documents: How to add a Product

To make a product in Infigo go to Catalog > Products > Product Management (see below) 



Your browser will take you to this page (below) where you can click "Add New" to take you to the product setup page 


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Category Mappings 

This tab allows you to map your product to existing Category entries (created in Catalogue > Categories > Manage Categories


Related Products 

Here you can choose products from your catalogue to appear as related to the current product on the landing page 



These are products advertised at the checkout to encourage impulse buying, this tab is where the relationships are established 



This tab is where you can upload images for your product.


Specification Attributes 

These are non-changeable product attributes that can be applied to your product. For example, if you have a product that can only come in one colour that would be a specification attribute 


By default a product only requires a "Product Name" to be able to save it. Click either "Save" (saves your progress and directs you to the Manage Products section) or "Save and Continue Edit" (saves your progress and directs you back to the current page). Congratulations, you have now created a product 


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