Linking Products, Attributes and Customers with external references

In order for many of our MIS Plugins to successfully interact and pass the correct information to the third party system it is important that the Products and their attributes are linked to their respective products and attributes in the MIS.

To do this we have introduced some simple UI steps.

Linking Products

Navigate to the product you wish to setup a link for. 

Click on the 'Product variants' tab and click edit.

Now you are in the Product Variant, whilst on the Product Variant Info tab if you scroll down you will see a button called 'MIS Configure'.

Click here and then from the 'MIS Plugin System Name' drop down list select the MIS plugin that is active on your storefront (usually this will only contain one in the list)

Depending on the MIS plugin you are using there are two ways of entering the external IDs.

1) Where possible, we have included a 'Load Available Ids from Plugin'. Clicking this will display a list of all available products in the respective MIS that you can select from. Selecting a product will then populate the MIS External Reference text field with the correct information.

2) In cases where this is not possible there will be no button, instead you are forced to enter the code manually into the MIS External Reference text field.

Once happy with the mapping, click on the 'Save Mis Attributes' button.


Linking Product Variant Attributes

As well as products there are also scenarios where it is required to link product attributes to their respective properties in the MIS.

To do this you need to create and setup your attributes as you normally would.

Once you have these setup, a button will appear under 'Actions'. Click MIS Configure to setup your configuration. 


Clicking this will bring up a dialogue box that again allows you to select the required plugin and then manually enter in the respective ID for that attribute.

Finally, click 'Save Mis External Id' to save your changes.


Linking Specification Attributes

The process is the same for Specification Attributes as it is for Product Variant Attributes however you setup the mapping on the Specification Attribute instead.

So you would have navigate back to the product, click on the Specification attributes tab and following the same process.




More often than not, the customer that is placing the order in Catfish must also exist in the target MIS. Therefore, unless this is automated or carried out by an other agreed process, the way to manually assign external IDs to a customer is very straight forward.

First navigate to the customer you would like to setup a link for.

At the bottom of the Customer Info tab you will notice a 'MIS Configure' button, similar to above. Clicking this will again open a dialogue that allows you to select your MIS plugin and to enter in the ID to be stored against this customer. 

This ID is then used in every interaction that specific customer has with the MIS, whether it be fetching a live price, adding a new address or simply placing an order.

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