Stock Management

Manage Inventory:

You can find the inventory method under product variant of the products. Stock Inventory allows you to control the available stock on each product and define different actions when the stock is low or out of stock.


Track Inventory:

Upon the selection; you will have the following options available:

  1. Stock quantity: You can define the available quantity in the stock.
  2. Display stock availability: By enabling this option you can display whether the stock is available for the product or not.
    1. Display stock quantity: If “Display Stock Availablity” is checked, you can also decide whether you want to display the quantity of the stock to the customer.
  3. Minimum stock quantity: Define the minimum stock level
  4. Low stock quantity: You can utilise the following actions if the stock is low
    1. Nothing: Customers can still order products
    2. Disable buy button: if the stock is low, Catfish can automatically disable the buy button on the product.
    3. Un-publish: if the stock is low, Catfish can automatically un-publish the product.
  5. Notify admin for quantity below: By enabling this option storefront administrators can also get notified about the quantity of the product *
  6. Backorders
    1. No backorders
    2. Allow quantity below 0: Customers can place orders
    3. Allow quantity below 0 and notify customer: Customers can place orders and also get notified
  7. Allow stock notification: If the stock gets refilled by the storefront administrator, customers who are trying to order the product will also receive a notification from the storefont. **


Adding the stock:

In order to add the stock back to products, You are required to edit the product under Catalouge -> Manage Products -> Navigate to Product Variant and Adjust the stock quantity.


Managing the stock on attributes:

If you would like to manage the stock on product attributes, you are required to select “Track Inventory by product attributes Under Catalouge -> Manage Products -> Edit the product that requires the stock control, click Edit, once the Edit Product Details page is loaded, click Product variant tab and then Click edit again and select method. Once the option is selected, scroll to the top of the page, click Product variant attributes tab and click Attribute combinations.


Click Add combination -> On pop-up page, select the value from any of your attributes that require the stock control to be enabled on and then define Stock Quantity for the value.


You can also allow customers to order items that are out of stock by ticking the “Allow out of stock”.


Email Configuration:

In order to ensure Administrators receiving emails in case the stock is low, ensure the following email templates are enabled. (How to edit email templates)


You can check the message templates under Configuration -> Message Templates and look for the following templates.

Quantity.Below.StoreOwnerNotification *

Customer.BackInStock **




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