Reporting Centre


The reporting centre gives admin users the ability to extract data from Catfish via a CSV download. The idea is that through the available reports you can obtain all the information you need to then generate your own custom reports offline.



There are currently 5 reports available under the Reporting Centre.

Each data extract is supplied as an individual CSV file for importing or manipulating in your own software programs (Excel, MIS, Accounting etc.). You can configure the date range for which you would like the data extracted from.


Sales Order Summary

Contains information at an order level. Order status, shipping status, order totals, checkout attributes, payment methods and includes an entry for each order during the date range selected.


Sales Order Line Detail

Order line item level information. Individual items ordered, specification and product attributes, quantities and line price totals and includes an entry for each order line item during the date range selected.



Contains a list of customers created on (between the dates selected) and registered on the storefront including all their account address details, last logged in date and if their accounts are active. (Please note, to see all customers on the storefront, unselect a start date.)


Customer logins

Generates a list of all registered customers and information on their login history including their last logged in date and number of times they have logged in within the date range selected.



A simple product report that includes all created products on your storefront. It includes information about the product like weight, stock and also the total number of times it has been ordered, total quantity ordered and last time it was ordered.


Note: Each report is at a storefront level, there are currently no platform reports available.



In order to access the Reporting Centre, simply log in to the storefront admin and either search for 'Reports' or find it in the menu by selecting 'Insights' > 'Reports'.

  1. Firstly select the report you wish to run from the drop down.
  2. Select if you want the report to include column headers or not (we would also recommend this is selected so you know what each column is for)
  3. Select your date range
    1. Either select 'Show all dates' if you want to pull all information since the storefront was created
    2. Select a start date and time and a end date and time.
  4. Click 'Generate Report'
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