Adding Mask Layers on PDF document

Infigo Designer gives you the ability to create image fields that can act as overlay mask where you can overlay an image field with a transparent image on top of the actual image field.

1) Create a transparent .png in Photoshop, which will be used in the masked image field. Please ensure this PNG is 300dpi and the dimensions are the same as the field you are going to place it into.


2) Create the actual image field and position it on the document where it needs to be.


3) To create the mask with the same coordinates (X, Y, Width and Height), copy the image field and Paste (Preserve Position).

a) Copy the image field

b) Paste the image field using Paste (Preserve Position)


P.S: The copied image field is now positioned on top of the image field created at step 2.

3) Once the mask field is copied/created, Use the infigo designer selection tool and double click on the image and navigate to Field Information -> Properties and make sure OverlayMask and readonly are ticked.

4) Upload the mask into the image field under images settings -> Image selections:
1. Use “Select” to locate the mask1 on your machine
2. Once the mask is located click on Embed Now to embed the mask.

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