Advanced Password Settings

In Infigo, we have advanced password settings that allow you to specify certain parameters to users when creating a new password. For example you may want to require that passwords be at least 7 characters long with numeric and letters. 

**Please note, Password 2 is a legacy setting and is no longer supported. 



1. Please navigate to Configuration > Settings > Customer Settings > Advanced Password Settings



2. Tick the Enable advanced password settings box. You will now see some new options to set parameters for passwords. 



The "customer can edit password 2" essentially enables a second password field at registration and logon. Its a little like a 2 factor logon as the user needs to know both passwords.

Letters: require at least one letter. If no letters are present the user will get a warning when registering or changing the password. 

Password Expires: After X amount of days, the inserted password will no longer be valid and will have to change. 

Length: You can set a minimum amount of characters and a maximum amount of characters. If the user puts in less than the minimum amount, they will get a warning, likewise if they go over the maximum. 

Mixed Case: There needs to be a mix between lower and upper case letters. 

Numeric: Passwords must include at least one number. 

Upper Case: Passwords must include at least one upper case letter. 



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