Using Custom Job Names in Infigo Designer

Catfish now allows you to a select a Field, Global and Local with a new property called ‘CustomNameBuilder’ so then the printable job has its unique name.

The new property ‘CustomNameBuilder’ needs to be an integer type and should be used to order multiple fields/variables to create your custom name.

For example, if you would like your custom name to be made up of the Firstname, Lastname and Postcode fields in your template then you would create a property for each of these fields, and set the Firstname property to 1, Lastname property to 2 and Postcode to 3 (Result: Douglas Gibson RH10 1TT). Equally if you wanted it to just adopt the company name field then you would create a ‘CustomNameBuilder’ property for Company Name and set its value to 1 (Result: Infigo Software Limited).

This is then displayed as the Job name in the shopping basket, approval workflow pages, Order detail report, Shared Print Ops, Invoice, Packing slip and Job ticket.

To start using custom name you need to enable to the feature switch:

Catfish > Infigo Variable Data > Infigo Settings : EditInfigoOrderProductName

In order to use this script, Add the script to your predefined javascript directory. Then when you execute the script from Infigo Designer -> Predefined Javascript it will list all the available text fields, local and global variables in a dialogue. This first dialogue allows you to select the relevant fields you want to use to make up your custom job name. Once you have made your selections, a second dialogue will allow you to order your selections - moving fields up and down as you please until you have the desired result (the field at the top will be the first to appear in the job name, followed by second, third etc) Confirming the second dialogue will then create the relevant properties and set that PDF up ready to use Custom Job Names.


You can simply download the attached JavaScript file and copy it onto:

Mac Users:

PC Users:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Acrobat 11.0\Acrobat\plug_ins\Xclusive\JavaScripts

Please Note: you can also apply this script to multiple name in order to get a sequence.


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